Scott Bindas

Co-Founder of Bindas Properties, LLC; Director of Investor Operations, Advisor, Faculty Partner, and investor for Accountable Equity

Scott is a proven leader who is process and analytic driven. Early in my career, leaders around me saw my attention to detail and drive resulting in being a people manager for a team of 400 in my early twenties. I continue to enjoy being a leader who “leads” not one who “manages”. I have a strong background in many different areas of technology which has allowed me to continue to grow in my W-2 career over the years and ultimately transitioning from technical related leadership roles to sales.

Scott was drawn to the world of Real Estate in 2008 and using it as a retirement vehicle. It took a few years to realize that he was overthinking and analyzing every deal while trying to also juggling his W-2 job. In recent years, he ultimately found the best balance was investing in Syndication deals that met his financial goals and objectives allowing him to continue to work his W-2 job.

In early 2019, he joined the Accountable Equity team as he saw that he could assist Josh and the team in creating processes and building the brand with his life experiences.