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About Accountable Equity


ACCOUNTABLE EQUITY is an integrated development, management, and syndication company. Our mission is to offer accredited investors access to some of the most compelling private offerings available today. Our goal is to be accountable with the equity entrusted to our care by our investor partners. We are committed to offering our investor partners a level of management and development expertise which is typically only available for the largest private equity offices. Today, the accredited investor is looking to participate in alternative investments which extend beyond publicly traded equities. Accountable Equity is the partner of thoughtful accredited investors who can benefit from tax-advantaged investments and who seek a team of professionals who will be accountable with their investments in privately offered equities.

Our Founders

JOSH MCCALLEN is a nationally recognized hospitality executive, conference speaker, innovator, builder and investor with a track record for developing exceptional resort properties and growing world-class operational teams.

In 20 years, McCallen has led luxury residential and hospitality construction programs, served as president of a 400+ person hotel development and management company, and built numerous businesses and brands worth more than $150,000,000.

Key Hospitality Accomplishments:

MELANIE MCCALLEN is Accountable Equity Partner and VIVÂMEE Chief Creative Officer, responsible for cohesive design of the company’s resorts.

Melanie and her world-class team of architects, designers, and two former Disney imagineers have crafted 12 sumptuous wedding venues and redefined 11 dining experiences.

Melanie takes inspiration from history, artisanship, travel and experiences as a mother to transform concepts into emotive venues that complement the VIVÂMEE brand. Featuring rich materials exploring harmonic colors, each bespoke design results in joyous peaceful environments that revive the soul of guests and teams alike. Melanie has sensitively rejuvenated or re-invented more than 150,000 sq ft of interior space and is currently leading the development of more than 400 acres through the master planning process.

Signature design cues see clean lines blend with warm details to welcome guests, while her guiding philosophy is to create environments where every element fuses guests into their surroundings in ways that revive the soul. Melanie’s team is also responsible for creation of an ornate historical wine tasting room, two large-scale festival installations, and 29 remarkable experiential meeting places.

Our Team

Scott Bindas

Vice President of Investor Relations; Co-Sponsor, Advisor, and Investor

Scott has successfully fused his decades-long experience in the IT industry with real estate investment syndication. A proven leader and analyst, in early 2019, he joined the Accountable Equity team after seeing he could assist Josh and the team create processes and building the brand.

Amalia Meadows

Chief of Staff

Amalia has a background working with investors and high-profile individuals in the entertainment industry, through the production and marketing of multi-million-dollar film, TV, and digital assets. From global cable networks such as the History Channel, TBN, and EWTN, she transitioned to resorts. She brings the passion, creativity, hustle, and drive of Hollywood into her work, inspired by the mission to revive the soul of beautiful assets, while helping families learn and grow financially.

Bob Wells

Director of Investor Education

Bob Wells is co-founder of Bright Future and partner of Keystone Partners Group. A serial launch and acquisition CEO, real estate syndicator and venture capitalist, Bob and his wife Usha, own multiple real estate centers and serve as global personal and wealth development trainers. Bob has passionately presented his Financial Mastery program for the past 10 years, with all proceeds donated to charity. He’s also host of the Get Real show, and co-hosts Heart 2 Heart Investing.

Michael Trefel

Director of Investor Community Development 

A real estate investor and syndicator Michael Trefel is a serial entrepreneur. Starting out on Wall St, Michael began his career with Lehman Brothers, leading global strategies. After 10 years in banking, Michael used this experience to become an independent consultant. Michael is an Accountable Equity Faculty Partner, focusing on developing and expanding the learning platform and growing the investor community. Michael is also a certified John Maxwell trainer.

Nick Zea-Smith

Director of Public Relations and Brand

Nick Zea-Smith has spent 25 years working in corporate, consumer and product communications. Beginning as a journalist, his expertise covers traditional media and digital content creation. After working with premium global automotive, tech and professional services companies in the U.K., Europe and North America, he is now responsible for Accountable Equity communications and public relations activities. His role includes building brand and reaching external and internal audiences.

Amit Gaglani

Amit Gaglani PT, OCS

Head of Growth 

Amit Gaglani PT, OCS has 20 years of investing experience and is a board-certified clinical specialist in orthopedic physical therapy. He grew his first company to a size that started to attract attention from larger companies and private equity. In 2017, a private equity venture started to take shape and Alliance Physical Therapy Partners was born. In 2021 the culmination of all the hard work came to fruition, and Mr. Gaglani fully exited Alliance. After a thorough unorthodox due diligence process of Accountable Equity’s first deal, Renault, he was drawn in by the model, the team, the culture, and of course the returns. 

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Whether you’re just starting out or have invested for years, the Accountable Equity community is here to help you on your entrepreneurial journey.


Our Resorts

The Renault Winery Resort https://www.renaultwinery.com/


For Media Inquiries nzeasmith@accountableequity.com

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