Bob Wells

Co-Founder of Bright Future

Bob Wells is a Co-founder of Bright Future and partner of Keystone Partners Group, owning ten real estate Market Centers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He is a Launch & Acquisition CEO, professional investor, real estate syndicator, venture capitalist, and owner of multiple property related businesses.

Bob and his wife Usha have amassed 37 passive income streams and serve as International Trainers for personal and wealth development events across the world. Bob is a founding member of Gobundance, referenced in the book Tribe of Millionaires, and the host of the studio based Get Real show, and a co-host of Heart 2 Heart Investing.

Bob’s specialties include the launch, relaunch, and acquisition of real estate companies. Bob has also been passionately presenting a Financial Mastery program for the past 10 years with all proceeds being donated to charities.