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Amit Gaglani PT, OCS

Head of Growth - Accountable Equity

Amit Gaglani PT, OCS is an independent investor that has grown his investing acumen over the years through his business journey.  As a board-certified clinical specialist in orthopedic physical therapy, he started a company nearly 20 years ago.  Through a success-driven model, skill, numerous awards for customer service, a bit of luck, and a great team he grew his company to a size that it started to attract attention from larger companies and private equity.  During the process, he would vet alternative asset investment deals and raise capital to get great deal structures for his investments. In 2017, a private equity venture started to shape and Alliance Physical Therapy Partners was born.  Being on the ground floor and one of the founding fathers there was much work ahead.  In 2021 the culmination of all the hard work came to fruition, Mr. Gaglani fully exited Alliance.  After a thorough unorthodox due diligence process of Accountable Equities first deal, Renault, Mr. Gaglani was hooked.  And now he invests in every deal Accountable Equity creates because he loves the model, the team, the culture, the atmosphere and of course the returns.  Mr. Gaglani is enthusiastic about joining the Accountable Equity team as the Head of Growth.  He is very passionate about investing in the alternative investments space with unique crafted deals.  He welcomes other accredited investors to join and experience all that makes Accountable Equity true to its name. When not connecting with investors, you’ll find him investing time with his family on the tennis court, golf course, riding arena or on a plane.


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